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Fort Apollonia Museum

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A truly delightful little fort, a former trading post, also located in Beyin, in the region of the Amansuri Wetlands, invites its visitors to form a truly comprehensive picture of the origins of the tribes, their rituals and customs of the Ghanaian people. Well researched and very well restored. A real little, pretty museum in a completely abandoned village, which really needs help and with this aid project comes to some more visitors. With this unique sight,”Cospe”, the Italian NGO, has made a real mark with this project! The maintenance of this artifact is a real challenge and many visitors are highly desirable.

This excursion can be combined with the trip to Nzulezu Stiltvillage, as both are in the same place in Beyin.

Cost: approx. 5 € per person, return journey by taxi approx. 40 € (1-4 persons)

Pay directly at the entrance to the museum, as the Museum Tour is also available during the canoe trip to the Stilt Village, but may not be accepted on site.