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Fort Eliza Carthago

You can already get to know the rich biodiversity of Ghana directly at the resort on various excursions. During the small tour (this is also our fitness trail) to the local mountain of Ankobra Beach you enjoy after a slight ascent the grandiose view of the sea, which encloses the mountain on both sides of the tongue of land. The great Ankobra River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. From up there you have a fantastic view of approx. 40 km of beautiful coastline on both sides, the sleepy fishing village Ankobra and the big Ankobra river that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. During the easy ascent you will experience jungle feeling pure with the wonderful plant world of West Africa. On the summit you will find the foundations of an old military and trading post, the fort “Eliza Carthago”. Once built by the Portuguese and later taken over by the Dutch in 1709 and built for the protection of Axim. With a bit of luck you can even see warans, monkeys, giant snakes, flying dogs, crocodiles or bush antelopes living in the resort. You can meditate on the top of the mountain with breathtaking views or order a romantic sun-downer picnic in the restaurant.