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Little Ankobra River Tour

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A walk to the Ankobra River takes you into the pure life of the Ghanaians. On the side of the road you will meet the Ghanaian people with their merchandise on their heads. You will discover banana plantations, cassava fields, water pools where you can see many species of birds, sometimes even crocodiles. The relaxed tour takes you to a bridge from where you can see and visit the Ankobra River, a real lagoon, the sea and the very modest yet original village of Ankobra. There our tour guide will take you to a Ghanaian longboat. They are rowing through the mysterious mangroves, and can admire the impressive blue kingfishers and all kinds of other tropical creatures, including the gap in evolution, the “Jumping Fishes” (periophthalmia) and indeed occasionally crocodiles.

You will be taken far into a typical Ghanaian family, as many of them are still in the middle of the jungle. It’s amazing how you design your simple life in a peaceful and unshakable way amidst the mangrove jungle. Here you will be accompanied by a distillation of schnapps, taste the very best local gin, which resembles an excellent grappa in taste. Only this one is made from palm wine and then double-fired.

Cost: per person only approx. 10 €.
Duration: approx. 3 hours