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Executive Chalet

2-3 Guests

1 Double bed

Sea view

sqm 30

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Extra large, beautiful, detached round bungalow with sea view close to the beach, surrounded by tropical flora and fauna. In the king-size bed, with many cushions, measuring 2.20 x 2.20 m, you could sleep comfortably in a three-person bed, guaranteeing peaceful nights and endless hours of rest and reading. The whole bungalow is equipped with curtains and mosquito nets on all 11 windows, and there is also one just above the bed. You won’t need it, because Ankobra Beach is close to the ocean and there are hardly any mosquitoes in Ankobra Beach. The ceiling fan runs quietly and provides a cool and refreshing breeze if you want to do without the existing air conditioning. An independent circular bungalow connected by a corridor is the spacious bathroom, which is equipped according to European standards. A large shower flooded with daylight and hot water, connected to a solar thermal system, two washbasins, a toilet, a mirror and many towel rails complete the comfort.

In the living room and bedroom there is also a desk with a chair, two cupboards, a comfortable round bench seat with lazy chair and a living room table. The entire interior is handmade and in Ghanaian style. Inside and outside the chalet are nicely integrated stone benches with cushions that invite you to sit and linger. The hummingbirds, flying dogs, hornbills, ravens, lizards and numerous butterflies will be your daily companions. Due to the constant sea breeze there is always a very pleasant climate here, which has already achieved extremely positive healing results with many asthmatics and allergy sufferers in a short time. The nearby large Ankobra River ensures a continuous, well-tolerated climate in this part of the world, even during the dry season.

As we are very committed to sustainability and electric appliances are extremely susceptible to high humidity and salty air, a refrigerator and television can only be booked on special request.

Season 1-3 Days 4-6 Days from 7 Days
Off-season 129,00 € -10 % -20 %
Peak season 169,00 € -10 % -20 %

Peak season:
24.03. – 07.04.2018 / 19.05. – 02.06.2018 / 28.07. – 10.09.2018
21.12.2018 – 05.01.2019 / 02.03. – 09.03.2019 / 03.04. – 27.04.2019

All prices include breakfast and 17,5 % taxes,
excl. 1 % tourist tax.