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Nzulezu – Style Village

Even the trip there is a pleasure! You can take a taxi through varied terrain, across rivers, villages, palm forests, grassland, wetlands and along beautiful beaches.

Arriving in Beyin, you will be rowed by narrow dugout boats through mangrove swamps and channels of the Amansuri Wetlands for over an hour to a magnificent big and lonely black lake. Everything is a nature reserve and offers the eye a picture-book view of the beauty and diversity of African landscapes. The destination is a people that has been resident for more than six hundred years and still lives on stilts in the middle of this wonderful lake. The Chief or his son personally welcomes his guests and will be happy to answer any questions you may have and he will be happy to collect a small donation to send the children of the village to school.

This excursion is wonderfully romantic and should be combined with a visit to Fort Apollonia! Take a whole day to do it!

Cost: for the canoe tour approx. Ca. 10 € p. p.
Approx. 45 min. by taxi approx. Ca. 30 €.