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Princess Town – Greater Friedrichsburg

Fort Groß Friedrichsburg was a Kurbrandenburg fortress of the colony of the same name, Groß Friedrichsburg on the West African Gold Coast. After the fort was built under the Brandenburg elector Friedrich Wilhelm in 1683, it became a central transshipment point of the slave trade. Slaves were held here until their removal, mainly on the Caribbean sugar cane plantations.

After the colony was sold in 1717 by the Prussian king Frederick William I, the fortress officially became Dutch property in 1718. The Dutch, who were only able to take over the fort after several years of occupation by the locals in 1724, renamed it Fort Hollandia. In 1815 the fort was abandoned by the Dutch. The partially restored fortifications, as part of the fortresses and castles of the colonial period, have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ghana since 1979. Wikipedia.

Admission: approx. 5 €.
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours by taxi, costs approx. 40 €